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SafeTown uses state of the art MegaPixel technology especially sourced for the SafeTown initiative.


Whereas classic CCTV requires an operator looking at an event in real time in order to pan, tilt and zoom in on it.


SafeTown Megapixel cameras use wide angle coverage, and megapixel cameras with no compression, showing and recording 29 million pixels per image, giving a level of detail that allows retrospective zooming. One camera covers a wide angle (eg length of an entire street) and will record all images in that field of view. In the event of an incident being reported, the data controller can examine the recording, retrospectively zoom in on a particular car / face / incident and copy images directly onto a memory stick to be used by the Gardaí.


This means that the town has all the advantages of secure CCTV without needing the expense or complication of having a live operator watching the images 24/7. Images may be stored locally (as digital images on hard drive) or remotely using cloud computing technology. There are no tapes to store or to be replaced and there is the full security of remote access if required by An Garda Síochána or authorised bodies.


Understanding Compression Technologies for HD and Megapixel Surveillance


SafeTown is using patented technology, the JPEG2000 HD Pro camera series, which starts at 8 MP and goes all the way up to 29 MP. The JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera’s clarity, resolution and detail is exceptional, one 29 MP camera can replace up to 95 conventional cameras and provides high-resolution, high-definition images of very large areas.


HDSM efficiently compresses and preserves image quality while intelligently managing HD image transmission throughout the Avigilon system—sending only the requested portions of captured images to operator workstations. This technology delivers exceptional image quality while providing immediate savings in transmission bandwidth.


Avigilon cameras, network video recorders and software components are built on an open platform, so our customers can integrate Avigilon components into their existing systems now and into the future.


Because HDSM can dynamically access the video in layers of detail, it can also tailor the size of the video stream being sent to the resolution of the monitor used. This results in a dramatic reduction in bandwidth between server and client compared to other compression technologies. For example, nine 5MP cameras generate 45MP of video information that is sent from camera to server. So if a connected client were viewing the video stream on a standard 1080p monitor with a total resolution of 2MP, only 2MP worth of video information is sent to the client. This allows HDSM to reduce the bandwidth between the server and client by 23 times while maintaining the ability to digitally zoom and pan within the original image at full resolution. In addition to reducing client bandwidth, HDSM also greatly reduces the processing load on the remote client. In the example, only 2MP of information is received and decompressed by the client instead of the 45MP of information.



About Avigilon


Avigilon is a leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high definition, network-based video surveillance systems and equipment for the global security market. The Avigilon surveillance system has been designed to provide high quality video capture, transmission, recording and playback. The components of the Avigilon system include cameras, recording hardware and software which may be sold separately or in combination to provide customers with a customizable end-to-end video surveillance solution.