What Is Safetown?

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What is SafeTown?
SafeTown is an Irish initiative using world-class technologies that helps to create a safer environment for communities.


Using the world’s most advanced digital CCTV system, combined with tried and tested protocols, skills and signage, SafeTown communities send a clear message that in a
SafeTown everything is in plain view and unwelcome visitors and anti-social activities are immediately detected.


What are the benefits of SafeTown?

  • Growth in visitor numbers
  • Increased business confidence
  • A safer environment for everyone
  • Attractive insurance premiums (thanks to our partner JLT insurance)
  • A much more attractive place to work, live and visit

How Does Safetown work?
SafeTown uses the latest high-definition Digital CCTV technologies to cover and capture all images in a particular area, making them available for easy review (and providing the Appointed Data Controller or Gardai with the capacity to zoom in on even the finest details such as a person’s face or a car registration plate after the event).


The knowledge that no activity in a protected area goes unrecorded has a dramatic impact on public behaviour in a SafeTown, with even those intent on mischief prompted to think twice before drawing unwelcome attention to themselves.
SafeTown was developed by Northwood Technology, following extensive consultation with Local Authorities, Crime Prevention Officers, Chambers of Commerce, Tourism & Community Groups.


The SafeTown Team works with local community leaders to design and deliver a system that can be managed easily and effectively by the community in order to make the town a safer place to be.


Whats the SafeTown difference?
SafeTown differs from traditional CCTV systems because:

  1. It features integrated retrospective zoom, enabling users to zoom into a particular area of importance (e.g. Vehicle Registration)
  2. It offers unparalleled image definition
  3. It’s a solid-state security system that does not require tapes, tape storage or tape replacement, which offers significant savings on running costs
  4. It requires no monitoring, meaning no manpower costs
  5. It offers maximum clarity with minimum bandwidth
  6. It is specifically designed for Irish town-based communities