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Step 1 Get in touch

Just call us on 01 860 1880 or email us on

We will send you an initial questionnaire.

Fill out the questionnaire and send it back to us; We will send you an information pack, tailored to your potential needs.

Step 2 Questionaire

Use the pack to conduct a survey of local business and stakeholders


We could undertake this survey for you. There is a cost (which will depend on size of town) but this is refundable against the purchase of a SafeTown package.

Send the survey back to us and we will tailor a package for public consultation to you.

Step 3 Survey

Conduct a Public Consultation – a representative of SafeTown can come and address your group towards the end of the public consultation period.


If you decide to proceed after public consultation, we will proceed to design stage. There is a cost at this stage estimated between €3,000 - €5,000 which is refundable against the cost of an installation.

Design stage completes with our engineers delivering a full design including: camera locations, no. of cameras, pixels on target per camera and civil works. Also communication medium (eg hardwire, fiber optic, wireless) and storage.

Our engineers liase with your installation company (or undertake installation directly, as you wish) and plan implementation.

Develop modus operandi in liaison with Gardaí and local community.


Design is then submitted to the community and Gardaí for agreement and, when agreed, installation can go ahead. SafeTown will:

√ Train & certify installer;

√ Provide on-site assistance to installer;

√ Assist with end-user training & handover.


The whole process can be completed within 4 months of which 3 months are public consultation and consultation with all stakeholders.