Communities Suffering from Crime and

Anti-Social Behaviour !

SafeTown  presents the most powerful and intelligent system of mega pixel camera technology to help communities fight back against the recent upsurge in crime and anti-social behaviour.  We will help to remove the fear from communities, its residents, business owners, the elderly and visitors.


SafeTown  offers a real deterrent to mobile criminals visiting your town, because of their fear of being caught and prosecuted.



Our powerful camera’s will detect wrong doing and retrospectively Zoom in to an incident or crime scene identifying faces and car number plates from as far away as 250 metres. This can be done minutes, hours, days or even weeks after a report is made to An Garda Siochána. 


The effectiveness of  SafeTown is proven to work – talk to the people of Charlestown, Co. Mayo who for the past 18 months have seen the problem of crime, anti-social behaviour, littering and thuggery all but disappear. We will provide road, street and shop signage to show that your town is a  SafeTown.


Let us show you how  SafeTown  will work for your community.  We will demonstrate the system in your Council Chamber, your Chamber of Commerce Offices or any suitable venue in your community.


  Take the first step today to make your town a SafeTown.




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